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What is K-Nation?

K-Nation is an online learning community for weekend warriors, life-long learners, and jazz-curious musicians that want to sharpen their skills so they can leave their living rooms and start playing gigs.

Meet like-minded musicians from all over the world. Share music, videos, and other things that inspire you with the community. Find inspiration in what others share with you and talk about it in an uplifting and positive community. 

Hump Day Hang (most Wednesdays): Our online (Zoom) hang sessions where you can ask anything. Bring your instrument (yes, the voice is an instrument) and be ready to play. Are you working on playing a jazz standard? Making an arrangement? Trying something new? Let’s explore the possibilities together. 

📽 If you can’t make a session, watch the replay at your convenience. We have a growing playlist of past hangs with referenced conversations and loads of support materials.

Workshop Weekends

Current members get a big discount on registration fees and unlimited access to the recorded materials and replays.

Sing & Play Cohort (January 2022): It isn’t impossible to sing and play at the same time. Although this class will be focused on singing and playing the bass, the exercises can be used on all instruments. Everything will be in real time [highly interactive] with follow up Zoom meetings to check your progress and get you singing and playing in no time!

Previous Events:

  • Bavarian Bassdays (Oct 30-Nov 1, 2021)

Resource Library

We have a growing library of resources where you have full access to tips, exercises, challenges, and classes that are supported by our ongoing community discussions.

Blues Challenge (All Levels / Aug 2021) - Learn a blues melody every day for 31 days to expand your melodic and improvisation possibilities. All K-Nation members have FREE access to all the materials and discussions.

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